Drop a little

Na een paar keer dit liedje beluisterd te hebben ben ik er helemaal zot van =d
Dat kan ok moeilijk anders met Natalia als zangeres...



My girls and I, we're goin out
It's Friday night, we just got paid
We're feelin good, we're lookin fly
Now all we need is a bouncin place
Cause we are rady to get our move on,
Come an DJ play my song, and it goes

Drop a little
Hold a little
Work them hips ten jump to the middle
Gotta feel your body
Feel them things
If it's burning' then you're doin' it right

All my ladies, all my fellows
Grab someone that's to your side
Don't you worry if it mighta
If it mighta take some time
Let the beat uh, let the beat uh
Come around just one more time
and there is nothin' you can do but to sing

It don't take too much
To move your body to the left
It don't take too much
To move your body to the right
Now dip it down low
Circle fast, circle slow
You can do it if you try
Feel it burnin' in your things

oooh oooh oooh...

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